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We create art. Art for your home. Art for your body.

Illuminating your soul.

Remember the woman you admired from afar because she was living her life on her own terms? The one who ignored her inhibitions and answered only to herself? Our handcrafted designs represent the beauty of resilient women; a powerful community united through the common bond of embracing our vulnerabilities while celebrating our strengths.

Our collective acceptance of each other encourages us to enrich our own life’s story through compelling and moving connections with those we haven’t even met. These spiritual impressions can happen at anytime: from exchanging a brief smile during a busy morning commute to engaging with another woman’s story from across the world that identifies with some of the most hidden parts of you.

When you illuminate your home or your self with Songa art, you are connecting to a global community of fearless, resilient women. A place where your feet are firmly melded with the earth, the stars are at their brightest, your smile is at its widest and you feel truly alive. Your home will be energized with shades of vibrant colors and your fashion will communicate a powerfully bold statement.

From the artisans in Rwanda who create our art to the woman sitting at her desk in Los Angeles quietly deciding if she should take the leap and quit her job to start her own business, the strength of our sisterhood helps us all feel as if we are part of something greater that is uplifting, gracious and real. You have a story to share through our spirited designs that not only reminds you of how beautiful life can be, but also brings you closer to who you truly are:

a bad-ass, confident woman.


Our designs have been featured in:

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