Empowered women empower women

That's our mantra at Songa. We know that when determined women come together, then spectacular things happen. We become stronger, more uplifted and we create a force that inspires us all to embrace our fullest potential. We are excited to announce our summer collaboration with Mrembo Africa, an artisan collective in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mrembo Africa translates to “Beautiful Woman Africa”, explains co-founder, Alice Eshuchi. “We are an initiative in Kenya, founded to empower women without regard to borders of origin, to build hope and economic sustainability.”

Hand-dyed by skilled Kenyan artisans over the course of two hours, each detailed sarong showcases the beauty of artisan groups from different backgrounds combining their talents. Each sarong comes with a beautifully woven sisal leaf sarong buckle woven by Songa artisans. The limited edition artisan sarongs will be available for purchase through August 31, 2017 or until sarongs last.