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Mudita Case


Designer: songadesigns

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Each carefully woven design is part of a limited production line. Purchase before they sell out!

Mudita – Sanskrit meaning to take delight in the happiness of others

“I’m scared”, you tell your friend. The rock you had to climb was just too high. You didn’t want to go that high. Your fear of heights was making your breathing uneasy.

“It’s too high,” you say.

“I’ll walk up with you,” he says.

“I’ll slip on the way down,” you say.

“I’ll walk down with you,” he says.

Well crap, you think. I have no more excuses! 

After you marvel at the view at the top, the one you were too scared to climb to, you carefully make your way down with your friend acting as a safety net ahead of you.

After your feet are firmly planted on mother earth, you have a much greater appreciation for true friendships. The ones who push you to your limits. The ones who say yes when you say no. Most importantly, the ones who don’t let you believe your own b.s. and encourage you to always move forward.

WEIGHT .80 lbs
Height: 3.5 inches
Width (lid diameter): 5.75 inches

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