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Our Mission

Who knew some of the coolest trends in fashion can originate by merging traditional skills with modern design? At Songa, we weave together the beautiful tapestry of cultural traditions and natural materials with global design to create the most unique, exquisite handbags you’ll find in the market. What’s even better is all of our designs are handcrafted by the most talented artisans in Rwanda. It is typical for many women in under-resourced countries to depend solely on their husbands for financial needs. Our work is to create independence through steady employment where the women can earn money on their own.
“Songa” means “the path forward” in Swahili.

Every design puts extraordinary artisan women on their own path towards economic independence, increased confidence and a better life for themselves and their families.

So you’re not just acquiring something vibrant and beautifully made that speaks to a wanderlust-driven life. You’re not just getting a striking accent piece that makes your outfit.

You’re crossing your arms against mass-produced “faux exotic” and raising your hand to be part of something massively great. 

About Songa

Styling with your values: Join a global community of extraordinary women who create captivating, handmade designs.

Songa Designs International is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that celebrates the empowerment of women around the world. It is typical for many women in developing countries to depend solely on their husbands for financial needs, but Songa Designs is changing this dynamic. By working for this company talented women in under-resourced countries have the opportunity to achieve economic independence by using skills acquired through everyday life to make a living. Songa Designs provides jobs for these women who negotiate their own salaries and earn fair wages.

Trained by generations of local cultural tradition, the skilled artisans of Songa Designs in Rwanda in East Africa craft stylish, high quality accessories inspired by nature. Each handmade piece, made of natural materials such as banana leaf fiber, sisal plant, pewter, re-purposed cow horn, paper beads and more, is as unique as the artisan who created it.

Defined as “the path forward” in Swahili, Songa Designs is synonymous with the journey towards economic empowerment for women in developing countries.


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