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Because all Songa jewelry are handmade from natural and recycled materials, the color and size of each piece may vary slightly. Please carefully follow the care guidelines outlined below to enjoy long-term use out of your Songa accessory.


Cow Horn Accessories - Although cow horn is quite sturdy, it can chip or scratch. Keep it away from water and polish it with any soft fabric from time to time to keep it shiny.
Banana Leaf Bracelets and Belts - Banana leaf is a tough fiber, so your new bracelet or belt might be a bit stiff at first, but give it a little time and the banana leaf will stretch, become more flexible, and mold to your wrist or waist! For our bracelets, the steel button is sewn on tightly, but as the banana leaf becomes more flexible, the bracelet will be easier to fasten and unfasten To unbutton the bracelet, simply push the bracelet loop up and slide the button out. Water may damage bracelets and belts.
Paper Bead Necklaces - Its best to either hang the Wanderlust and Saba necklaces from a hook or lay it flat so that the strands do not tangle. If you leave the necklace in a pile, the strands will tangle and may break. Also, to reduce the strain on the strands, we recommend that you place the necklace over your head instead of using the clasps. The chunky paper bead necklaces, like the Diva, are much more durable however still handle with care
Fabric Bib Necklaces - Lay the Marchesa necklace flat to help maintain its shape
Sisal Accessories - Keep away from water as colors may bleed.
Joya Pewter Necklace - Wash your Joya in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry with a clean soft 100% cotton cloth. Do not use any abrasive on pewter. Be careful when handling. Pewter may be damaged if dropped.
Sisal Accessories - Keep away from water as colors may bleed.

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