Arabella Choker

Arabella Choker


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The sun is gentle in the morning. It seeps in under your deep purple curtains and pools around the edges. As the sun rises higher in the sky it grows in power and a warm beam shoots down through a sliver of space and onto your sleeping face. Its rays like warm fingers on your cheeks and forehead. Slowly you open your eyes to greet its caress and think: it’s going to be a beautiful day!

You roll out of bed and onto your yoga mat morning sun such as this deserves a salutation! You breath in and out as your body bends, twists, folds and stretches. You feel energy and purpose coursing through your body as you push into downward facing dog and then up into cobra. You stretch your body tall—as close as you can get to that sun—then finish with your hands in prayer at your chest.

As you lift your head, you see the photograph you took in the Maasai village during your travels in Tanzania and Kenya. Ten warriors standing in a circle, each of their necks adorned with large, beaded disks. You remember that each disk necklace, design and color has special significance. You remember warriors, their movement, their dancing, their power and think: today, I’LL be a warrior.

You fasten your Arabella Choker Necklace around your neck and walk out the front door. You feel the sun on your skin. You’re a warrior. You can do anything.

MEASUREMENT Choker circumference: 14″ Bib is 9″ width
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