Bedawi Decorative Tray

Bedawi Decorative Tray


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All of the rooms in your house are painted in bright, vibrant shades of your favorite colors. Certain rooms have an accent wall, while others covered in more muted colors making the pieces you’ve collected throughout your travels the focal point.

Every decorative choice you make has meaning and provokes vivid memories. You used the shiny, pinkish-purple silk you purchased in Laos to make an ottoman.

Every time you look at it, you’re transported back to that bustling night market in Vientiane along the Mekong River. You remember seeing the silk and knowing you had to have it. You also remember how long it took you to figure out what the price of the silk was equivalent to in dollars…so that you could effectively haggle and bargain!

The masks on the wall in the living room remind you of Rwanda. The intoxicating, smoky smell of brochettes on the grill, the sway of women dancing and the rolling green hills covered in banana trees.

Your favorite piece is your Bedawi Tray because when you use it, you remember safari rides, African skies and breakfast in bed with your husband. Every room and every object has a story, and you share these stories with everyone who passes through your home.


  • 16″W x 12.5″D x 4″H
  • Handwoven from banana leaf and cow horn
  • Due to handmade quality, natural variations may occur
  • Can be a companion piece to the Bedawi Basket


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