Marchesa Bib Necklace


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Arrange whatever pieces come your way. —Virginia Woolf


The moon was the brightest that night. You discovered a charming cabin on the lake for the weekend. Just you and your book laying on the couch with only the lamp light on.


You almost drifted off to a satisfying dream when you hear a knock on the door. It’s Grace, the girl who tends to your room and she says, “Come with me. There are dancers here.” You grab your Marchesa; you want to look presentable, not sleepy! You follow her in the moonlight across the resort grounds and she leads you to a group performing for the hunters beneath the starlit sky with the glass lake glimmering in the background.


These women were getting their groove on, singing and dancing to young men beating drums. The way they move their hips is so sexy you swear their torso is not connected to their hips! You shed all inhibitions and jump up to join them. The women clap their hands with you, shout and laugh. You move your legs, shake your body and lift your arms to the star-filled sky.


It was a magical night. Now every time you wear your Marchesa you are reminded of the last time you truly felt alive.

MEASUREMENTS Bib is 6″ x 3″ at its longest and widest points and the necklace cord measures 22″. Length is adjustable.