Watermark Earrings

Watermark Earrings


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It’s better to see something once, then to hear about it a thousand times.


First you visit Los Pelicanos. It’s the third exit off of the free road on the way to Rosarito. Once there, like magic, Victor shows up with two margaritas on the rocks and no salt. You didn’t even have to order. Those are followed up with salted chips, fresh salsa, chunky guacamole and one hot, large tortilla.

The Sunday night Baja dinners became a celebrated tradition between you and your best friend. You can count on them just like you count on the sunrise in the East every morning.

Next up is El Nido. Sergio unfailingly comes around the bar to greet you both with a kiss on both cheeks, despite how busy he is. He compliments your Watermark earrings. Says he likes the color. You place the usual order: two quails in garlic sauce, beans and a large tortilla.

For a long time you crossed the border for the food. But what inspires you to keep returning now are the people.

Diameter: 2.3 inches 

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