Zaza Bib Necklace

Zaza Bib Necklace


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Let him who would move the world first move himself. —Socrates


Your closest girlfriend said you were ready. Your husband supports you. Your boss will send you on a guilt trip with a one-way ticket. You’re aching to write the next chapter. You are tired of doing all the balancing. Balancing your daughter’s soccer practices, your son’s baseball games and your 50 hours of work a week was causing you to become unbalanced.


You remember the day you came up with this kooky idea to start your own home-based consulting business. You were on your way to your monthly coffee group with the ladies, wearing your Zaza and remembering what a bold statement piece it was. Bold, you thought. Yes, that is I need to do, I need to be bold in my life.


It was now time to reshuffle your priorities and what mattered to you most. Family.

MEASUREMENTS Measures 34.5″ and is adjustable to 29″. Cow horn pendant measures 3.5″ long and 2.25″ wide. Sisal spiral disk is 2″ in diameter.

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