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Bedawi Modern Basket

Bedawi means nomad in Sanskrit.

 After a six hour rickety bus ride and a three hour ferry trip, she gazed at the magnificent view of Lake Victoria from her balcony on the Ssesse Islands. Had she known the journey to get to this little piece of heaven on earth, she might not have even come. But it was so worth it. The staff made the best grilled fish, freshly caught from earlier in the morning. At night the moon glowed so bright she could see every little ripple on the calm lake.

This wandering through life, through unknown countries only to discover hidden paradises like these islands uplifts her. Not all who wander are lost…

WEIGHT 5 lbs
DIMENSIONS 16"W x 12"D x 8.5"H 
MATERIALS Banana leaf fiber, sisal plant and re-purposed cow horn.

Artisans train to make our designs on a regular basis to meet the high quality standards we require. Designs can take a woman between 3 - 5 days to create depending on how intricate the weave is. Our team monitors production throughout the process to minimize corrections on a finished product, saving time and money.

Songa's designs are created using carefully selected natural materials that are locally sourced and eco-friendly. We use sisal plant, banana leaf, recycled paper, upcycled fabric and re-purposed cow horn that would otherwise end up in landfills. These materials ensure the highest quality design all while keeping in mind future generations who will inherit our planet.

'Songa' means 'the path forward' in Swahili. Each design the women make furthers them along the path of financial independence. "I thank those who buy my products because I was able to build a good house. I now have 12 pigs too!" - Harriette, paper bead artisan

"Songa is all about showcasing the woman artisan. They create beautiful designs from natural fibers!" Natalie@sustainablychic

We are proud to have been featured in some of the fashion industry's most respected magazines.

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