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She’s a fan of wine in the afternoon.

Two-o-clock is always a happier hour than four or five and rules are meant to be broken, she often tells her friends.

She was never a fan of structure, of rigid systems of rules and regulations. She quit her job a few years back—not because she wasn’t successful. In fact, she had recently been promoted and was making more money than she ever had before. But, she didn’t feel fulfilled. She believes every single day is a gift, and she doesn’t like to waste time. She loves to travel, to see the world and challenge herself, so she started blogging about her adventures and selling video courses online. Soon, she was working remotely and making enough to support the lifestyle everyone else was calling unconventional.

Every morning, she takes a long walk through whatever town or village she finds herself in. She prefers warm climates where close-toed shoes are a scarcity, so she can wear her sandals and feel the sun her toes. She pulls her hair back with her Isla Headband, sits on whatever rock, bench or tree stump is available and writes down everything she sees.
ADD'L INFO 1″ in width Fabric colors vary

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