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Growth demands a temporary surrender of security. —Gail Sheehy


Gratitude. That is how you feel when you’re with him. All these years later. Now celebrating your 30th wedding anniversary you remember the time he nervously approached you with an unusual proposition: instead of going to prom, can he take you to Disneyland? Wait, what? You’ve never even crossed county lines let alone your state border. 

Teachers talked. Your friends were silently envious of you.

Three decades later and you’re still riding the rollercoaster of life with him. You always knew what you were doing. You never wanted your confidence to be mistaken for arrogance. Just like you always wear your Lily bracelet when you’re feeling in control. Because while everyone was judging your decision not to follow tradition, you were risking certainty for happiness.

ADD'L INFO Due to the natural cow horn material, colors will vary.

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