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Progress comes from the intelligent use of experience.—Elbert Hubbard


The confidence you felt when you stood in front of your audience of 1,000 admirers was inspiring. You knew they viewed you as an expert in your field and you felt you earned their trust after all your years of meaningful work. 

You remember the long nights of practice after The Blunder. That talk where your rhythm floundered after you flubbed some of your lines. You recovered but the moment still eroded your inner morale for a few weeks. The speech coach helped but the nightly ritual of rehearsing in front of the mirror, then your husband, then your team incrementally boosted your spirit. 

Six months later you’re fearless. You’re making a statement not only with the Lindona necklace that shines with you, but with the courage you re-discovered to return to the stage.

MEASUREMENTS Bib is 6.5″ x 3″ at its longest and widest points, and necklace can be tied to any longer or shorter length.

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