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Orenda Handbag

We are so sorry but we are currently sold out of the Orenda Handbag!

You can pre-order for an end of October delivery.

If you love fashion with a conscious, you’ll love our handbags. 

We combine a little boho chic look with local weaving skills that result in truly unique designs you won’t find anywhere else. 
Each handbag is handcrafted in Rwanda and takes a skilled artisan three days to create. 
These strong and resilient women go on to invest in plots of land, buy goats that make milk her family can sell. Most importantly, these artisans grow a sense of strength and confidence that can never be taken away from her!
From one confident woman to another, you will look fierce with your new handbag all while being proud to be part of a story that is sure to stir your soul.

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