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The softness of bells chiming mixes seamlessly with the gentle light. Soft sounds wake you up gradually, naturally. You learned the hard way that being woken up by harsh, arresting sounds provokes unfortunate results (like you flinging your phone across the room). Your mood in the morning sets the tone for your day, and your morning routine sets your mood.

You bend, stretch, and sit in silence, counting each breath in and out. You walk into your simple, clean kitchen with the big window, white island and bowl of ripe fruit in a basket, just waiting to become your fuel.

You’re a minimalist, but being a minimalist doesn’t mean you’re not stylish. In fact, you use your clothing as the neutral backdrop against which your big, colorful bracelets, necklaces and earrings pop. You throw on a comfy, yet sleek black jumpsuit and let your Pierre Cuff take center stage.

ADD'L INFO Due to the natural cow horn material, colors will vary.
Made from re-purposed cow horn saved from the landfill.

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