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You finally did it.

After three years of saying you were going to, you bought a multi-stop plane ticket to South East Asia, packed the essentials into your bright green camping backpack and left the dreary February skies behind you. When you stepped off the plane in Bangkok, you were greeted by a wave of humidity so thick you could almost grab it and hold in your hands. But it didn’t matter. You let this sauna-like heat embrace you as peeled off your winter layers in the airport bathroom, slipped into a long, flowing dress and pushed the stubborn, sweaty hairs away from your face with your Sula Headband. You felt like a queen with her crown on.

You spent the day walking through glittering temples whose colors changed depending on the angle of the sun, eating street food so spicy your ears popped and listening to the whir of motorcycle taxies whizzing by as they expertly wove through gridlocked traffic. You were exactly where you needed to be.

ADD'L INFO  2″ in width Fabric colors vary

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